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About The Gold Mine

It is about bringing together an international resource base the addresses we need in our practices: suppliers and service providers with whom we work regularly here or elsewhere.

For this reason The Gold Mine is not satisfy with making only an inventory but to be fully exploitable an address or supplier must be commented: if you work with remarkable artisans, or suppliers to avoid, some products to buy here rather than there, how they respect of deadlines, the quality of the service or the best price of a material, all essential information for the artistic production in the workshop or in residence.

It is never easy to share a good plan: it took time and many searches to find this address and communicate it to all and without restraint would take away some of its value. So we wish that the person who gives this precious information also receives in return the good plans of all the others. To gain access to this gold mine you must bring [at least] a small gold pip.

The more accurate and up-to-date information, the better The Gold Mine tool. It is essential to leave a specific comment on this or that supplier, advice with a particular provider in order to guarantee to everyone the relevance of the information. This database is a collaborative tool: it is up to everyone to add their own experience in the interest of all, that is to say in the interest of another artist, in your own interest.

If you have any questions, please contact us !
The Gold Team

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TGM-BANNER-01 Gillian Brett - Artist in Marseille (France) - 2018

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